Fenn Street is a young company and has a wealth of experience where it counts.
Getting deals done and making things happen.

We have one major rule, total honesty and integrity must be at the heart of everything we do.

With the music industry in turmoil and searching for direction since the advent of online sales we believe
that future of the business is great, it simply needs people who can work with the Old school and embrace the
new opportunities created by technology.

At the end of the day its a business like any other, and a tough one, but all business is tough and who said it
anything worth having was ever easy.

Dedication and hard work focussed in the right direction always was and always will be the winning formula.

The Directors of Fenn Street bring great business skills to the table and with a no bullshit approach we offer
our artists frank advice and real help and support in getting them where they want to be.

We only make money when you are making it, but thats not our only goal, we are passionate about music and business
and see music as a great contribution to society and the well-being of the human race.

Music can change peoples lives and attitudes, it can help change the consciousness of the planet and it should always
touch the hearts of the audience it plays to.

Music crosses all boarders and all boundaries and it deserves great respect, and the people who create it are a gift to all mankind.

If you feel the same way then join us and lets make something happen that will not only change your life but make a difference to every one you touch.